Frequently Asked Questions

What is to be expected from this expedition?

This expedition is a hands-on masterclass in playground design using local and recycled materials. It is an opportunity to learn from the best, gain an insight into getting things done in a complex environment without making compromises. We are always actively looking for new ways to engage with communities through play, and this expedition is a way for us to prototype public playground designs, in situ, with real communites. We are pulling together this team of interested participants as an opportunity for people like you to join us. This expedition is all about learning while making and contributing to this amazing opportunity for both this specific school, as well as benefiting future communities. This expedition is a platform to learn about design in outdoor public space, and co-creating public play solutions.

Why such short notice before the expedition?

These opportunites are not planned years in advance. We respond to community needs, which can be at short notice depending on the urgency and logistics of putting the expedition together.

What does my money go towards?

The majority of the money for this expedition goes directly towards building the playground itself. Secondly, as we are presenting this as a Masterclass in playground design, we aim to make this the most rewarding learning experience for you as well. The rest goes towards accomodation, meals and travel around the sites. You're paying for an interesting and stimulating experience - and it's a chance to meet the designers in context and learn something unique. See here for details

What experience do I need?

We do not require any specific experience in terms of playground design as such. We do require an enthusiasm for design for kids, for playground design and obviously a mild level of fitness to be able to assist to some degree with the build.

Who is presenting this Masterclass?

Marcus Veerman
Founder & CEO
PLAYGROUNDIDEAS.ORG Marcus is a dreamer and schemer – always coming up with new, crazy big ideas for the future of Playground Ideas. Marcus is a world leader in design of stimulating spaces for play using only local materials, tools, and skills. They have brought play to over a millions children in 143 countries from the tropics to the deserts, Marcus has been involved in Play projects across the globe. Johann Nortje Founder & Creative Director UJI STUDIOS Johann has a passion for digital and interactive playspaces for kids, especially ones that can be built anywhere, by anyone. Johann developes amazing experiences for kids all over the world, creating these projects in situ, at locations, involving local communities, children and designers.